Jaxx 7Ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa Review

Jaxx 7-Feet Giant Bean Bag Sofa Review

Decorating modern homes is quite a challenge as you have to keep the elements of style, modernization and functionality alive.

If you are looking for a sofa for your living space but are tired of the conventional wooden designs, Jaxx 7ft giant bean bag sofa might just be the right thing for you.

Bean bag sofas are amazing in that they offer not only a place to sit but the level of comfort that no other wooden or metal sofa can offer. It’s just the perfect choice no matter if you want to just sit, lean back and relax or completely unwind yourself and lie down to have a short nap.

About The Product

Jaxx giant bean bag is the perfect item for your living room, especially when the season for your favorite sport comes.

The best thing is that kids can enjoy the comfort of bean bag sofas too without worrying about falling and slipping accidents. With a wooden sofa, there is danger of serious injuries for children.

Now, the only barrier between you and this amazing bean bag sofa is your decision.

 Jaxx 7ft giant bean bag sofa.


Here are some of the best and most notable features of this sofa to help you make your mind quickly.

Giant Size

It’s the giant size of this bean bag sofa that makes it multi-functional. If you are too tired to even sit straight, you can just lie down on it. With a 7ft bean bag, your entire body from head to toe will easily be accommodated on the sofa.

Polyurethane Filling

The material inside the bean bag is polyurethane. It has been shredded into thousands of small pieces. With shredded polyurethane the makers of this bean bag have not only managed to achieve maximum comfort but also provide great support to your body.

The Amazing Cover

The bag sits comfortably inside a denim cover. When you feel that the cover is getting dirty, just throw it in the washing machine. Taking it off is as easy as unzipping the childproof zipper on and around it.

Variety Of Colors

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa Reviews

I would be extremely boring if this bean bag did not have many color options available. Good news, this one has a lot of those amazing colors.

The amazing color lineup includes black denim, camel, charcoal, chocolate, cinnabar, mandarin, microsuede black and microsuede navy.

With a removable and machine washable cover, you can make sure your Jaxx giant bean bag always looks like you just bought it yesterday.

Furthermore, the many colors are not only pleasing to eyes but they serve other purposes as well. Home decoration is all about matching and contrasting.

When you have so many amazing colors available, you can always create the look that you have exactly thought of in your mind. Almost all the colors options are dark to camouflage the stains that can make a light colored bean bag look ugly.

About The Product

This customer loves the machine washable cover and is happy for the fact that the bean bag is still as good as new after a year despite there being 10 kids who play with it.

Another parent customer was happy for the purchase for their son. They were a bit hesitant in the beginning as they thought the giant bean bag cost them more than a bed but realized later that it did not require new sheets, pillows, pillow cases etc. after every few months. In short, they will be saving money in the long term.

There’s a customer who was really surprised by the large size of this bean bag. Now you know they did not call it a giant bean bag sofa without a reason.

This customer recommended choosing a big open place to put it together at first. This customer and many others with pets have shown great happiness at the fact that their pets love the bean bag.

Buying Advice

This giant bean bag is easily available on Amazon in all its amazing colors. You will be glad to see the rating that it has gotten from all the customers. The overall rating from customers is excellent. This rating shows great trust and satisfaction from customers with this product.

There is a high chance that you will be able to get a discounted deal on it like free shipping. You will be able to get one for you at a price around $250 to $300.

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Review

Click on the image to check the beanbag out on Amazon.

Make sure that you check out all the available colors carefully before making your purchase. Amazon lets you see zoomed in versions of the products so you can always decide if the color you are buying is exactly what you need. With the 7ft size of the bag, you will easily be able to seat 3 adults on it or up to 6 kids with comfort.


For many people out there, they will be purchasing a bean bag sofa for the first time. If you are one of those people, do not hesitate to take this step because everyone who bought it for the first time fell in love with it.

The things to love about Jaxx 7ft bean bag sofa is the large size, variety of colors and the shredded polyurethane filling. Large size allows you to fit more people in it whereas the many color options let you pick one that looks best with the rest of the items in your living room.

Polyurethane filling is not only comfortable but gives you firm support when you sit on it. If your spouse likes to indulge in sports watching at times, this will be the perfect gift item for him/her. Gamers will also fall in love with it.

With the amount of trust that customers have shown in this product through their comments and rating, you should have one shipped at your door as soon as possible.

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