Flash Furniture Small Lavender Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair Review

Flash Furniture Small Lavender Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair Review

Kida love to wander around and at times it seems that they have this unlimited supply of stamina in their bodies. However, the truth is that those tiny legs need rest too.

So, when your kid is looking to get some rest after hours of running, pass on this Small Lavender dot kids’ bean bag chair to them.

Bean bag chairs have become very popular in the past few years. They are a stylish and cool looking way of relaxing. The old wooden and metal chairs can never offer the comfort of a bean bag chair no matter how much upholstery they have on them.

Sitting in a bean bag chair is more like a subsiding experience than a seating experience. No matter how solidly the wooden chairs are constructed, your child cannot sit in them like he/she can sit in this bean bag chair. In fact, they can just fall into it without a care.

About The Product

The best part about these bean bag chairs is that they can be just as fun looking as fun loving kids are. Since they are designed for kids, they are available in all the bright and funky colors.


Here are some of the most notable features of this bean bag chair:


Portability is one factor you want in any furniture item that is designed for kids. Kids don’t stay in one place and their chairs should not either.

This small bean bag chair is lightweight and can be put in any place where your kid feels like sitting.

The good news is that even your child can easily drag this thing from one place to another.

Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair Pink Review

Easy Cleaning

The biggest challenge with anything that kids use is cleanliness. You can only tell them to be careful about not getting dirty or putting their dirty hands on stuff, but you can’t make them understand it that easily.

The cloth that encloses the bean bag chair has been designed to be machine washable. Whenever you feel your kids’ chair does not look as pleasing as it should, slide it off the chair and give it a wash. For any stains that require urgent action, you can use a damp cloth for cleaning.

Multiple Colors

You don’t have to buy a color if you don’t like it. The same bean bag chair is available in some other colors such as pink and green. However, the prices for those colors will be different, so keep that in mind.


Safety is the top most concern for parents when they are getting an item specifically for their kids’ use.

The zipper on the cover can be a bit intimidating for parents but not with this bean bag.

The zipper is completely hidden away from sight so your kids will not be tempted to play around with it.

Flash Furniture Small Lavender Dot Kids bean bag chair.


It can seem a bit funny that size can be a feature too. However, with this particular product size is a feature. The manufacturers have made the bean bag big enough to accommodate children of various ages. What this means is that your kid can enjoy the comfort of this seat for many years.

What Others Say

Customers have loved this product and given it a very positive feedback. One of the customers bought it for her 1-year granddaughter and was more than happy with the quality of the fabric and the product. She has specifically loved the sturdiness of the item.

Another mother showed her satisfaction on the fact that zipper had a locking system. With such a zipper, children are not able to open the cover and spill the filling of the bag all over the place.

Green Flash Furniture Small Lavender Dot Kids bean bag chair.

The same customer has also admired the size of the product by saying that even she can fit into the chair.

The sturdiness of this item has been commended by customers repeatedly. There is a customer who has bought the bean bag chair for a 5-year old.

According to the customer, this item has received great beating not only from the 5-year old kid but her friends as well, but the item stood its ground well.

One unique feature that many customers have commented on and admired is the double cover. When you take off the top cover of the bean bag for washing it, another cover holds the beads in it.

This keeps the beads protected inside and makes the item usable even when the top cover is being washed.

Buying Advice

The first place to get this item is Amazon where you can find a lot of information about its specifications as well. T

he price of this bean bag chair is around $60, which is quite reasonable keeping in mind that such a durable bean bag will remain a companion of your child for years to come.

The item can also be gift wrapped by many retailers if you wish to give it as a gift to your child or grandchildren.

Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair Purple Review

Click on the image to check the beanbag out on Amazon.

It will come in separate pieces so you will have to fill the bean bag with beans yourself. This product has received an excellent on Amazon. This is as good as it can get for any product in the world.


The real verdict is always given by customers who use a product and then give their views on it. Based on the reviews and comments, this is one of the most loved kids’ bean bag chairs on the internet. When you are spending around $60 for a bean bag chair, you want it to be durable and long lasting.

The fabric and double covering on the item makes sure that it stays usable for a long time. With a lightweight design, it should not be a problem for your kid to carry it around. The safety zipper is another reason to buy it. In a nutshell, there does not seem to be any reason to not buy this one. So, whom are you getting it for?

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