Chill Bag - Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag Review

Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag Review

We usually make plans about what will we do once we get back to home from work or college but by the time we reach home, all we want is an extremely comfortable bed or sofa on which we can simply relax and chill and watch a movie or something.

If the same is the case with you, you should consider buying a bean bag as it can offer you more than just comfort.

Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag Review

As kids, we used to love bean bags as they were more than just a thing to sit on. Unfortunately, we cannot use the same bean bags from our childhood now as they would not be able to bear our massively increased weight and size.

However, we can still buy bean bags, which are designed and made for adults. Buying a brand new bean bag could be a tiring and difficult task as one would have to check if the bean bag is durable, comfortable, long lasting, adjustable and affordable or not.

You cannot take a demo of every model of bean bag available in the market so how can you buy the perfect bean bag?

About The Product

Well, if you are looking for a brand new bean bag which is huge, extremely comfortable, lasts for long and comes with various amazing features, you should consider buying the Chill Bag 6-Feet Bean Bag.

Chill Bag - Bean Bags Giant Bean

You can get peace of mind while buying this product as Chill Bag is one of the leading bean bag manufacturers and has been providing customers with amazing bean bags for many years. It offers a wide range of bean bags which come in different sizes, colors, covers, and materials.

However, if you want a bean bag big enough to stretch your legs on or cuddle with your loved one on, you should definitely buy the 6-Feet Bean Bag. It is currently Chill Bag’s most popular and best selling product and is made from high quality materials.


This bean bag can stretch up to 6.5 feet when fully expanded. This is better than those bean bags you might have had decades ago as it is much stronger, softer and bigger, of course.

It can hold up to 2 average sized adults. It comes with a number of exciting features that will surely leave you in awe. Its features include:

Removable And Washable Micro Suede Cover

This 6-feet wide bean bag comes with a super soft micro suede cover. The cover can easily get dirty just like any other cover due to dust or soda or food spills. You would not want to sit on a bean bag that has food stains or any kind of dirt on it.

However, this would never be the case as you can easily take the cover off and wash it. It is washing machine safe so you can also take it to the laundry. Getting the cover cleaned regularly is highly recommended.

Child Safety Zipper

The bag also features a zipper, which is hidden under the cloth strip so it is safe from children as well. This keeps the children from playing with the zip and from damaging the materials inside.

High Quality Foam

Chill Bag uses the same kind of foam in all its variants. The foam used is a furniture grade Memory Blend foam.

This super soft and high quality foam is the most important component in the whole bean bag as this alone is what makes the bean bag so soft and comfortable.

Chill Bag - Bean Bags Giant Bean Bag Child Safety Zipper


Whenever you sit on the bean bag, it reshapes. This allows to you sit in different positions but once you get off, you will only need to fluff it once to bring it back to its original shape, round.

Double Stitched Seams

To ensure maximum strength, the seams are double stitched. This ensures the bag does not tear easily.

What Others Say

This product is liked by a majority of the customers - it has not disappointed and has successfully met their expected level of comfort.

One of the many customers said this product has really helped his 5-year-old twins calm down who often fall asleep on this extremely comfortable chair.

Another man who bought it to decorate his interior is also quite impressed by it as it not only beautifies his interior but also comes in handy when he and his wife watch a movie or game together.

A majority of the customers has been impressed by the product and says that they have gotten exactly what they were promised.

Buying Advice

You can order it on Amazon where the product is currently available for around $180.

Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag Review

Click on the image to check the beanbag out on Amazon.

Since the product comes with a warranty, do not accept the package if does not contain the warranty card. Also, look for deals and discounts on Amazon. To get peace of mind, read some reviews to know what customers say about the product and the vendor.


This product is one of the best huge bean bags you can buy. Therefore, if you really want a bean bag that is massive, durable, comfortable, and affordable, the 6-Feet Bean Bag by Chill bag is the one you should go for.

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