Ultimate Guide To The Best Bean Bag Chair

Ultimate Guide To The Best Bean Bag Chair

You won’t find a lot of people that don’t like bean bags. They are just so soft and plushy and without bean bag chair, watching a movie or relaxing just doesn’t do it for us anymore – especially the millennials.

The bean bag chair trend has become really popular and widespread in the US as well as different parts of the modern world.

There is no question the best bean bag chair can be a very inviting piece of furniture that you could just sit on with your favorite bag of Cheetos and just melt right into bean bag while watching your favorite show or movie on Netflix.

On top of that, bean bags are designed in a variety of styles, materials and colors.

This means you can practically buy a bean bag that specifically matches the interior decoration of your living room, man cave or any other room you intend to put the bean bag in.

Knitted bean bag in the bedroom

Bean bags are an awesome addition to your furniture and are great when you’re having some friends over for a night of some poker and drinks or to watch a really funny movie.

In addition, perhaps, the best part about the products is the fact they don’t really cost that much. You can opt for budget-friendly designs and models that are just as soft and plushy as higher-end bean bags, although pricey items are made with style and have really chic designs.

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Health Benefits Of The Best Bean Bag Chair

Apart from being aesthetically and practically pleasing, you will really be astonished to know that bean bag chairs are also designed helping treat several common and specific healthy complications.

It is absolutely amazing how a something as simple as a bean bag chair can offer so many medical benefits for kids, young adults, adults and senior citizens.

While bean bag sofas and chairs can really fit into any type of environment and mix and match with any sort of interior design and offer you the feng shui you were looking for in your simplistic but intricately decorated room, here are some really awesome medical reasons why you should go for the best bean bag chair on the market:

Will Help Correct Your Posture

Girl drinking coffee in a yellow bean bag chair

What is really amazing about bean bag furniture is the fact once you sit on it and relax, the design and shape of the bean bag will contour every single area of your body, keeping your back completely straight regardless of the position you sit in.

They are designed with soft materials and skin-friendly materials – moreover, a bean bag is the perfect option of furniture for pregnant women – sit on it as long as you want, you will never experience any shoulder, neck or back pain.

Can Be Used As Treatment For Autistic Kids

As per several statistical reports, there has been a considerable increase in the number of parents opting for bean bag chair for their autistic children across the US.

That is because bean bag provides plenty of therapeutic qualities for autistic individuals in the sense that they can try and exercise their limbs while sitting down and standing.

Moreover, while they sit on the bean bag, the kids can also continuously lift their legs in the air as well as their arms to perform body-weight strength building exercises.

The Best Remedy For Frequent Headaches

There are so many people that are completely oblivious to the fact their furniture might be the culprit behind those annoying and frequent headaches.

Bad furniture and poor posture can put a really bad strain on the muscles of your neck, back and shoulder – and this is a concoction for a really troublesome headache.

If you experience frequent headaches try replacing the chair your normally sit on with a bean bag chair.

Can Help You Alleviate Constant Pain In Muscles And Joints

There are plenty of medical professionals as well as chiropractors that would clearly advise you to start sitting on the best bean bag chair for adults to get rid of the constant pain in your muscles, joints in the knee and elbow, etc.

This is especially important for people that have undergone back surgery or have suffered a really bad injury to the back.

Since the bean bag is designed to perfectly support the total weight of your body without putting a strain on your back or legs, you can get rid of the pain you feel every time you sit on the sofa or when you’re lying down on bed.

Buying A Bean Bag Chair Means You Are Supporting Environmental Healing

Nothing can be a better furniture option than a bean bag, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.

Understand that there are millions upon millions of trees that have to be regularly cut down to make different types of wooden furniture, which primarily include tables and chairs.

Deforestation has become a major cause of the increase in global temperatures, further damaging the environment.

Stripped and black bean bag chair on a deck overlooking the see

Bean bags are made with recycled materials and are stuffed with memory foam while being sealed with different types of materials.

Bean bags are the ‘green’ furniture that should be in every household.

Designed Practicality

Another really good reason to invest in the best bean bag furniture is that you can select from a wide variety of options – from selecting some bean bag furniture for your home to selecting your favorite bean bag chair for office use.

The options are endless. Plus, thanks to the constant evolution in the manufacturing process – you can order bean bags customized exactly as per your specifications. You can order them made as per your choice in color, material and size and have it delivered right at your home.

The Best Kids Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are just for adults to have all the fun with, they also come in design and materials suited for kids of all ages.

As a matter of fact, children absolutely love playing on, sitting on and lying on soft and cute little bean bags that match their rooms perfectly.

If you’re looking for the best bean bag chairs for kids, mentioned below are some really great options you can opt for:

Small Lavender Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair

  • Weighs 8lbs
  • The dimension of the bean bag is 31 x 31 x 31 inches

Our Rating


When it comes to bean bag chairs for children, there is plenty of to keep in mind. For example, you need to ensure the material of slip cover on the bean bag is made with skin-friendly and hypo-allergenic components and the stuffing inside is soft, yet it easily contours the body.

You have to make sure your child is safe and sound whenever he decided to play on the bean bag or sleep on it. In this regards, there is nothing better than to invest in the Small Lavender Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair.

The bean bag is safe and specifically designed for kids keeping the necessary precautions and considerations in mind.

This is the perfect bean bag for your child to tote around in safely. Plus, when it is dinner or lunch time, you can have him sit on the soft bean bag and serve him his food there.

It is really comfortable and is designed nothing but for convenience of maintenance.

For example, the slip cover on the bean bag chair can be easily removed and can be washed in the machine without risk of any damage. But wash in case an accident happen on the bean bag.

Small Green Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair Purple Review

In order to remove minor food stains, dust and whatnot, all you have to do is use a damp cloth and just wipe the dirt away keeping the bean bag clean for your children.

Another reason why you should go for this awesome bean bag for kids is that it has a very portable design, stuffed soft beads, you can easily smush the product and store it anywhere you want to. You can also make different shapes with it to make it more fun for your kids.

Moreover, the beads that are in bean bag are securely contained – although it is incorporate with a zipper, there is metal shielding on it so that the kids don’t accidentally harm themselves.

Although the bean bag is created solely for children to play in, you can also fit an adult on it quite easily without having to worry about any damage. With a double zipper compartment, you can easily have the beads replaced using a key to unlock the zipper.

This also ensures the kids will not be able to do anything even if they somehow remove the slip cover themselves.

ECR4Kids Junior Classic Bean Bag Chair

  • Total size 26 inches
  • Polystyrene bead filling
  • Total weight 4lb

Our Rating


If you are looking for an even affordable option for your kids when it comes to selecting the best bean bag for kids, go for the Classic Bean Bag designed by ECR4Kids. The design of the bean bag focuses on high end comfortability, safety, fun and frolic, etc.

But perhaps the best thing about the bean bag is its design practicality – meaning you can get this bean bag for a plethora of places for example, you can have it set up at a day care center, at your child’s school, at your office, your home, etc.

The bean bag chair is designed to be very durable and has all the necessary safety precautions for your kids.

The total size of the bean bag is 26 inches which is perfect for your kid to comfortably play in – he can easily curl up on the soft bag gradually sinking in; a really nice and warm place to sleep.

Moreover, the bean bag is covered with a heavy and thick vinyl slip on, which is designed to be machine washable and is damage-proof unless you poke something really sharp in it.

Kid using Classic Bean Bag by ECR4kids.

In addition, the durable vinyl slip on is easy to remove for cleaning and you only need to use some lukewarm water along with a cloth detergent. Just easily wipe away food stains and dirt.

The bean bag is stuffed with commercial grade polystyrene beads, which are soft and really comfortable to sit on. However, in case of damage, you can get a replacement for the beads very easily.

Plus, the best bean bag chair is features a double, more formidable stitching at the seams, which is why the product is durable and long-lasting. On top of that, the polystyrene beads are contained in a dual-zipped package beneath the vinyl slip on, which is impossible to open for children.

With a 26 inch diameter, the Junior Class Bean Bag is ideal for children 1 and over. It comes in a variety of different colors as well.

The Final Verdict

Well, when it comes to selecting the best bean bag for kids, judging by the make and design of both the products - it is recommended that you go for the Small Lavender Dots Kids Bean Bag. Sure, it is a bit pricier than the Junior Classic Bean Bag, but it is more durable than it.

Best Adults Bean Bag Chair

Just as there are bean bags for kids to play on – there are some really cool options for adults as well. You too can enjoy a comfortable and absolutely relaxing bean bag experience sitting with your partner or your child watching some movie and eating delicious popcorn.

Plus, bean bags for adults, especially college going individuals is pretty beneficial, there is nothing much like cramming for the finals sitting and focusing comfortably on a bean bag.

Without further ado, mentioned below are some really cool products that you can go for when shopping for the best bean bag chair for adults:

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair

  • Total weight 42lbs
  • Dimensions - 48 x 48 x 27 inches

Our Rating


If you want the most comfortable place to sit in, it is strongly recommended that you opt for the Cozy Shack Bean Bag Chair. The total size of the bean bag is 4 feet and it is designed to be very durable.

Moreover, with a 4 feet plushy bag, you can also have your kid sit with you when you are watch TV or when you are reading him a story.

Another really amazing reason why you should not hesitate in buying the Shack Bean Bag chair is the fact it the chair is filled with some of the softest, finest and most comfortable virgin urethane (the highest class in foam).

This is what make sitting on bean bag chair an experienced unparalleled to any other product available on the market. The coolest thing about this foam is that it perfectly conforms and contours to each and every single inch of your body without putting any load on your joints.

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Black Review

Moreover, as soon as you get right back up from the bean bag, the foam will pop right up, reverting to its original size and form.

This is what makes the bean bag so different from other products which just go flat when you sit on them and have to be manually restored again.

Moreover, the Cozy Shack Bean Bag chair comes in a multitude of different colors to suit your interior decoration and can be used in a plethora of places – for example, your office.

The covering of the bean bag is manufactured using microfibers and polyester, which is waterproof and very easy to clean.

The seams of the bag are double-stitched for enhanced durability and it comes with dual zipper lock so that your child does not accidentally injure himself playing with the zippers.

Chill Bag - Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag, Giant, And Black

  • 6 foot bean bag
  • Total weight - 75lbs
  • Dimensions – 72 x 72 x 34 inches
  • Memory foam filling

Our Rating


Talk about a massive bean bag! The Chill Bag – Bean Bag Chair is exactly what you want when it comes to ultimate comfort and relaxation after a long day at work.

Read a book or watch a movie sitting on lying down on the bean bag, it is guaranteed that once your sit on it, you won’t feel like getting back up – it’s just that soft! This is also one of the many reasons why the Chill Bag has become one of the most popular items in the US.

Plus, you could use it anywhere you want to, if you work intend to work late at night at the office you can easily take the bean with you to comfortably work on your laptop sitting on the bean bag.

Although it is a 6 feet bean bag, it easily fits inside small living rooms and apartments and won’t look out of place because it comes in a huge variety of colors that you can select as per your interior décor.

Plus, material is waterproof, which means you can take it with you when you go for camping or fishing, just relaxing he heck out of the day. Moreover, you can also have your friend sit with you on the bean bag – it actually accommodates two people at a time without any problems.

Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag Review

If you’re a gamer, there is nothing better than to sit on the Chill Bag and knock yourself out playing your favorite video games on the weekends. If you’re having a BBQ party outside, just place a couple of bean bags here and there and enjoy your food – you won’t need to a table.

The bean bag is filled with high quality memory foam, shredded to perfection – providing users a unique experience.

In addition to this, the best bean bag chair is designed with an easy to use internal liner – you can use the liner to remove the outer layer of the bean bag so that you can wash or clean it. It is very simple to maintain.

All you need to do is wash the material in cold water and hang it to air dry. However, it is advised that you don’t try and machine wash it.

The seams of the bag are double stitched for load bearing and enhanced durability. You can jump on it and it won’t tear. It really doesn’t get any better than the Chill Bag.

Jaxx 7 Ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa, Black Denim

  • Weights 80lbs
  • Total dimensions - 86 x 47 x 36 inches

Our Rating


If you want to go for something even bigger, make an investment into the Jaxx 7 foot bean bag. It is huge and it is ideally for people who have large living rooms or recreational rooms where the bean bag will not take a lot of space and won’t look out of place.

The big Jaxx bean bag sofa is designed to accommodate up to 3 people at a time – perfect for some multiplayer gaming or a movie night with a family.

Plus, it is also good for parties, in case you run out of chair to seat people on – you can always the giant bean sofa to the lucky people.

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Review

The bean bag is filled with high quality memory foam, which is finely shredded. The polyurethane foam is durable and will immediately restore itself as soon as you get off the sofa.

The slip on material is manufactured using cone denim, which is a very durable, soft and easily washable material. The cone denim bean bag cover is also designed to be easily removable in case you need to wash it.

Moreover, you can also machine wash the slip on cover without worrying about any damages. It is a bit big for most people, but if you don’t really any problems concerning space or budget – this the best bean bag to get.

Bottom Line

As you can see, with such a variety of the best bean bag for adults it could be a tricky predicament to select a favorite. However, when it comes to functionality and your budget – you should go for the Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa.

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